January in Peru Excursions

On the January in Peru program you will have the opportunity to go on multiple excursions and cultural activities. The highlight of this will of course be the overnight trip to Machu Picchu.

Machu Picchu Peru

Is that all? No way! You will also visit multiple museums and cultural areas of Cusco itself as part of the program and spend a day in the Sacred Valley, which is home to many other ancient ruins and small villages.

Peruvian woman with her baby, The Sacred Valley, CuzcoPeru Sacred Valley

Peru has travel options for everyone, including the beach, mountains, big cities, small towns, some of the deepest, most remote jungle in the world, and the infamous Lake Titicaca. While this program is short and therefore you might not get to see it all, we definitely recommend making the most of your time in Peru and visit other areas.