Ireland Immigration

Do you need a visa to study or intern in Ireland?

For programs in Ireland, U.S. citizens will not need to obtain a visa. However, you will need to present certain documents to Immigration upon arrival at the airport in Ireland. You may also need to register with the Garda (police) after arrival.

It’s extremely important that you thoroughly read the immigration information included in your acceptance packed emailed to you by your Program Coordinator.

Please read through this information carefully, as immigration instructions can be complicated, and materials can take weeks or months to obtain.

IMPORTANT: CISabroad will advise students on immigration procedures for travel requirements for your CISabroad program only. CISabroad is not responsible for advising students on immigration issues if they plan to travel internationally before or after the program dates.

These instructions are intended for US passport holders. International students must also be aware of additional documentation and/or processing time needed for immigration.

It is the student’s responsibility to be aware of their required documents for immigration and to allow adequate time for processing and obtaining all required documents.

Note: Required documents and fees for immigration are always subject to change at the discretion of the consulate. Currently, the fee is 300 Euro.

Students MUST have the following items ready to present at their INIS appointments with the garda:

Signed Passport:

  • Your passport must be signed and valid for at least 6 months after your program end date.  Keep a photocopy of the picture page of your passport for your own records.

Offer Letter:

  • This letter will be issued by your program’s university and sent to you in an email by your CISabroad Program Coordinator

Immigration Letter

  • This letter states that you have been accepted into the CISabroad program, the program dates, and notes that arrangements for payments to the Irish university for tuition and housing have been made. This letter is sent to you in an email by your CISabroad Program Coordinator

Evidence of Financial Support

  • You may present proof from a foreign (US) bank that you have sufficient funds to support yourself during the duration of your stay.  If you choose this option, you must bring 2 original bank statements from a foreign bank.
  • The first statement must show a balance of €3,000 (or €500 per month if you are staying less than 6 months). The statement must less than 1 month old.
  • The second statement must be from the same bank. It must be less than 6 months old.

Both statements must be for the same account and in your own name, ie the same name as in your passport.

You must also show that you have a debit card (for cash withdrawals in Ireland).

The debit card must be for the same bank account that has the €3,000 (or €500 per month if you are staying less than 6 months).

    • You could instead present a pre-paid credit or debit card(s) with a verification of the amount(s) in credit
    • You may present a parent’s bank statement and/or a notarized statement of support signed by parent/guardian.
    • Regardless of which means of presenting your funding you choose, your bank statement must show a balance of approximately €500 per month abroad.
    • If you are not a US citizen, or if you are staying for a full year, you may also be required to set up a bank account in Ireland.  If this is required, you will have approximately 3 weeks to obtain the account.
  • Students wishing to submit a notarized statement of support signed by a parent/guardian should see page 5 for a sample letter.

Registration Fee:

  • The fee for U.S. citizens is currently €300. Registration must be made at the local registration office. Payment can ONLY be made by a specific bank giro which is available at all Registration offices or by credit card during an Immigration appointment at the Registration office.
  • Payment can only be made by bank giro or by credit card.
  • The person whose name is on the credit card must be present at the Garda Station. Therefore students cannot use the credit cards of parents, relatives etc. at home, but can use the credit card of a friend who is present at the appointment.
  • Cash is not an acceptable method of payment.

Insurance Letter:

  • This letter verifies that you are enrolled in international medical and accident insurance. It will be emailed to you.  

Copy of ID:

  • Students may be asked to produce another form of ID. Please plan to have your school ID from your Irish institution, if you are attending an Irish university abroad, or even your US home school ID if you are interning in Ireland.  

*Note – Make sure you have all of these documents on you when you arrive in Ireland. Keep them in your carry-on luggage and do not place any documents in checked baggage