Internship Resume and Cover Letter


If you want an internship, you’ll need a resume. Or Curriculum Vitae (CV) as it is often called overseas. To help create one, or to get ideas for improving an existing resume, we recommend looking at our Resume Builder. If you have the time, it’s also a great idea to have your career services center look your resume over. They can offer many suggestions and edits. Youtube can also be a great resource for finding professional resume advice specific to your field. The video below can help get you started on how to build a powerful CV!

Every supervisor is looking for something a little different, but try to make your resume stand out by including experience (like interning abroad!), not just unique formatting and colors. Don’t forget to add your LinkedIn, websites, portfolio (for design majors), and also software you have expertise using.

Also, we recommend using Canva to really make your resume a gamechanger (See some examples below). 



Cover letters are also required. For the application, your cover letter can be a generic one that focuses on your skills and the internship field you are most interested in. Later, the cover letter can be edited to target a specific host organization.

For a real challenge, write both your resume and cover letter in the local language where you will be interning!