Intern in South Africa Excursions

CTICC-Panorama-for-GBCSA-ConCISabroad will take you to a welcome dinner and on a weekend excursion as part of your program with us. These are special activities, unique to the CISabroad participants. The excursion on the weekend could be many things, it will depend on the size of the group and the time of year. Surfing isn’t always fun in the winter!

South Africa Winery

In addition, throughout the program there are many activities that happen throughout the week. There are soccer matches with locals, language tutoring, and volunteer opportunities with local children. On Friday’s, our onsite partner puts on a half day excursion or activity to help you explore the beauty in and around Capetown. These opportunities are built into your program and your internship host organization will know that you are only working half a day on Friday.¬†Examples of past Friday activities include hikes, museum visits, and trips to the beach.

You will also be able to travel independently on weekends. There is so much to see in Capetown, the area around it, and throughout all of South Africa. Remember it’s a big country though, so a weekend trip to Durban, for example, probably wouldn’t work unless you only wanted to spent 1 day there. Luckily Capetown and the area around it has a ton to do. If you ever have questions or want suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact our Site Director.