Intern in London Activities

London Borough MarketLondon British MuseumLondon The Eye

Your internship in London will provide you with professional experience and an inside look at an active and local London organization. While this exists at the core of your Internship Program, it is important to enjoy your time and take in the beauty of your host city. London will be your home for the duration of your program, so you better start thinking about how you want to spend your free time!

Cultural Curriculum

While in London, It is your job to see, understand, listen, taste, and of course, have a great time. Use all of your senses! CISabroad takes pride in facilitating cultural activities, and Your Site Staff are exceptional ambassadors to their city.

The program includes weekly events or meetups throughout London. Examples of these are, trips to a museum, exploring one of London’s famous markets, or  seeing a show.

Our goal is to get you living like a local and doing the things locals would do as well as the very best in tourist activities.

The CISabroad onsite cultural curriculum is broken down into two types of activities. Please read the following to get an idea of what to expect throughout your program:

La Vida Local!

Your CIS Site Directors have developed a series of activities you will have the opportunity to participate in this summer. Each activity is intended to connect you with your new home city. You might go on a guided tour, visit local markets, explore off-the-beaten path neighborhoods or do something you might not normally do on your own.

  • While these rotating activities are included in your program, please note there may be an additional admission fee for an event or personal funds required to purchase souvenirs/food/drink. A calendar of events will be provided to you upon orientation onsite at the start of your program.


London Bucket-List

The London Bucket list: Can’t think of something to do on a Sunday? Think you’ve seen all of the major sites and it’s been two weeks since arriving in London? Your Site Director has put together a huge list of adventures and “must-sees” in the city. Take a full day exploring with a friend, or just take a detour after work one day! How many local sites can you see?

Maybe you cut across Hyde Park and find the beautiful Princess Diana Memorial where kids like to splash in the warmer summer months.  Or maybe you pop into The British Museum or one of the other many free museums London has to offer.


Day Trip

Included in your Intern in London program will be the opportunity to explore beyond London for a day.  You will have the opportunity to attend a guided excursion outside of London.  Traveling outside London will give you a better context of life in the UK, outside the busy, bustle of London and also provide you with the opportunity to make new friends on the program!  

Image result for shakespeare's birthplace           Image result for Cotswolds

In the past, students have visited the quaint and beautiful nearby town of Windsor where the royals reside; Stratford-Upon-Avon, Shakespeare’s birthplace; and the idyllic Cotswolds in the countryside.  During orientation, your Site Director will provide you with more information for this summer’s day trip as well as details on how to RSVP.  

There are also many opportunities for you to travel independently. Popular travel destinations from London include international cities like, Dublin, Edinburgh, Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam, and Berlin as well as domestic trips to Stonehenge, Brighton, and Manchester.

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International flights leave from a handful of airports in London and offer inexpensive travel to cities all over Europe. You’ll find that many of your fellow interns also want to travel and that it is easy to book trips once you’re onsite. Our Site Director would also be happy to answer any questions concerning travel and offer suggestions.