Intern in Australia Excursions


Your internship in Sydney will provide you with professional experience and an inside look at an active and local Australian organization. While this exists at the core of your program, it is important to enjoy and take in the beauty of your host city. Sydney will be your home for the duration of your program, so you better start thinking about how you want to spend your free time!

Cultural Curriculum

While in Sydney, It is your job to see, understand, listen, taste, and of course, have a great time. Use all of your senses! CISabroad takes pride in facilitating cultural activities!

The CISabroad onsite cultural curriculum is broken down into two types of activities. Please read the following to get an idea of what to expect throughout your program:

Cultural Activities!
  • Your site staff has developed a series of events you will have the opportunity to participate in this summer. Each activity is intended to connect you with your new home city.  While  these rotating activities are included in your program, please note there may be an additional admission fee for an event or personal funds required to purchase souvenirs/food/drink.
  • Examples of possible weekly cultural activities are: visit a local museum, take a boat cruise of the harbor, attend a picnic in the park, go to a local concert, or get coffee with the Onsite Staff.
Day Trips (2 included)

Included in your Intern in Australia program will be the opportunity to explore beyond Sydney for a day…or two. These are fun, full day trips on Saturdays that will show you more of what Australia has to offer. They are included in your program fees and we highly recommend you make time for them!



Sydney Harbour Kayak Adventure


  • Please stand by for confirmation and details from staff about the specific location of your day-trips. Details are subject to change based on participation/weather. RSVP will be required!
  • Please wait until your onsite orientation to make additional personal travel plans. While two day trips are included in your program, we can not schedule them around every participants individual travel plans.