Florence, Italy City Information

La Culla del Rinascimento

Florenz. Firenzi. Fiorenza. Known throughout the world, Florence is located in the heart of Tuscany and boasts a city-wide population of 350,000 inhabitants. The UNESCO-recognized medieval site is alive year-round with locals and students taking in all of the city. And who wouldn’t? Florence is a hot spot for travelers from all corners of the world and has been for hundreds of years. Known as the “birthplace of the Renaissance” and home to some of the most famous pieces of art today, Florence was the forerunner of leading the western world out of the Dark Ages.

Florence, panorama

From the Duomo in the epicenter, Renaissance-era neighborhoods identified by central churches and piazzas stretch out and house neighborhood-based customs and identities. The Arno River flows through the city and under the last remaining bridge that avoided destruction by Nazis during WWII, dividing the city into two distinct districts. Even though many of the main attractions and monuments in Florence are located on the right side of the river, we find that past the Ponte Vecchio, in the zone nicknamed “the oltrarno” (other side of the Arno) there is a more genuine side to Florence that is attuned to the more traditional centralized Italian culture. Conveniently, the entire city is flat, compact, and can be traversed from one side to the other within 30 minutes.

Our Suggestions for experiencing the “Vero Firenze”    

***Please be aware that you must validate bus or train tickets in Italy.  Failure to do so may result in citations and fines from the cities you visit.***

CISabroad Florence City Guide

For a handy comprehensive guide to Florence, please visit our CISabroad Florence Student Guide, created by your very own CISabroad site directors! Here you can find:
  • Travel tips
  • Florence Bucket List
  • Ideas for local trips
  • Communication & culture tips
  • …and much more!

Local Authorities

Police / Polizia: phone 113
Carabinieri (military police): phone 112
Fire Department / Vigili del Fuoco: phone 115
Medical Emergency Service: phone 118

Recommended Hotels

Here are some links to hotels centrally located in the heart of the city center.  Please share these suggestions with your friends and families if they are planning to visit.  You may also need to reference these hotels if you arrive before or after the arrival dates and times.

Hotel GenesioVery Friendly staffa CISabroad favorite

Hotel Monica –  Strategically close by the train station

Hotel JolyNice rooms at a good price

Hotel The River – A room with a view

Hotel Lucchesi High budget.

Commute to Class:

The school is located in the heart of the city with a fabulous location making all of the great Florence sights easily accessible. On your short walk to class you will see all kinds of famous Florentine monuments such as the Ponte Vecchio, Duomo, and the often overlooked Vasari Corridor! The average commute to class from your housing is 25 minutes at a slow pace.

The key to fully taking in the city is to get out and walk the streets, communicate with the locals, and eat the delicious local cuisine. With this combination, you are sure to experience a piece of Italy that you will cherish for life, an experience that will be uniquely yours. The more energy and time you put into your experience the more you will get out of your stay!