Flight Information

All you will need to check-in for your flights at the airport is your passport… but it’s always a good idea to carry a copy of your travel itinerary, so go ahead and print a copy.

Download a copy of your group’s full flight itinerary here.

The above reservation link is for your group flights from Alabama to New York, New York to London and Milan back to Alabama.

When you land in New York stay together as a group, and look for your onsite program coordinator, Jordan, as you exit the terminal. Jordan will have a CISabroad sign with The University of Alabama’s name on it. Jordan will guide y’all to the bus that will take you to The Local NYC hostel where you will stay during your week in the city!

Flight info from Paris to Milan: From Paris to Milan you’re flying as a group on Air France flight #1012 departing Charles de Gaulle airport at 1:25pm. You’ll arrive in Milan at 2:55pm and transfer to your hostel.

IT IS IMPERATIVE that you are EARLY for departure from the hostels on travel days. You cannot miss a flight! Your your daily itinerary is listed on the next page, but also triple check meeting times with Jordan when you are abroad in case anything shifts.

Your daily itinerary listed on the next page is subject to change. Jordan and Professor Davis will communicate any changes with you on the ground.