Expectations of the Host Organization

We also have specific expectations for the host organization. They include:

  • Have projects ready for the intern from the onset of the internship
  • Incorporate a brief training/orientation for the intern at the beginning of the internship
  • Introduce the intern to the different facets of the organization and introduce them to key team members
  • Identify a supervisor for the intern who is their go-to contact for questions and concerns
  • Communicate with intern and CISabroad if there are any issues or concerns over the intern
  • Assist with previously agreed to internship for credit requirements (if applicable)

All organizations realize when they accept an intern, it means taking time away from their job to teach the intern, to mentor their progress, and provide support throughout the internship. The time commitment required by site supervisors to do a good job on the internship is why some organizations may say, “No”.  They simply cannot spare the time. It’s also why almost all employers who do take on interns do not pay them.  They feel the time spent on training the intern (away from the organization’s mission and goals) is an expenditure of considerable value.

Getting paid for an internship is a common question though, so look at our website for more info on this topic and why it is very rare to have a paid international internship.