Dunedin, New Zealand City Information

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Historic and sophisticated, Dunedin is the quintessential university city.

Modeled on Edinburgh in Scotland, it is one of the best preserved Victorian and Edwardian cities in the Southern Hemisphere. A long, natural harbor gives way to the church spires and towers of the historic town centre and university, set against high, green forested hills. A golden trail of beaches and dizzying cliffs skirt the city’s thundering Pacific Ocean flank, where seals, penguins, albatross – and incredible surf – can be found.

The city has produced many of New Zealand’s greatest novelists, poets, artists, scientists, journalists, musicians, sportsmen and women, business people and leaders.

Deservedly, Dunedin is now a popular tourist destination in its own right.


Dunedin is known for its culinary experiences. Award-winning restaurants serve fresh local seafood and delicacies, quirky bars are found in intriguing alleyways, funky cafes filled with coffee purists and connoisseurs and an entertainment precinct that thrives on the vibrancy, brought about by being a university city. The harbor, a popular place for kayaking, rowing, windsurfing, fishing and yachting, is also a short distance from the eastern side of the campus.

Modern infrastructure, including an airport, public transport and health facilities, service the population of more than 120,000.

The Dunedin campus is located close to the colorful city center and is surrounded by student housing. It really is a lovely college town. For more information on the University of Otago and a Campus Map feel free to take a hop on the Otago website through the following link:  http://www.otago.ac.nz/about/campuses.html#dunedin
Here is a video tour of the University of Otago Campus

More information on Dunedin, New Zealand can be found at http://www.dunedinnz.com