Diana Balarezo – Ecuador Onsite Staff

Ecuador Diana Balarezo Site Director Photo

Diana Balarezo is a trilingual (Spanish, English and French) Ecuadorian that has worked in the tourism industry for many years. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in Tourism Development and Hospitality and a master’s degree in Social and Environmental Studies. She has been the Ecuador National Coordinator of a volunteers’ non-profit organization with more than 80 member countries, as well as the US market leader of the largest tourism company in Ecuador. Diana has lived in the US as a student and as a restaurant manager at a Ski Resort in Idaho, where she learned to snowboard. She has traveled extensively in Ecuador; backpacked in Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Guatemala and Mexico; camped in National Reserves in the US and Canada; and visited Spain, France, Italy, Belgium, Austria, among other countries. She’s also an active volunteer for the United Nations World Tourism Organization and has . Her hobbies include sports such as trail running and mountain biking, as well as watching movies and reading.