Costa Rica: Alumni Voices

We hope you’re getting excited about your upcoming study abroad experience! Are you curious about what it will be like to study abroad in Costa Rica? To help you get the most out of your trip and have the very best experience possible, here are 10 Tips for Studying Abroad in Costa Rica from one of our Alumni Ambassadors who went on the program!cr-7


We asked another Semester in Costa Rica¬†alum what he¬†thought about the program and what advice he would give to future students. Here’s what he said:

“Costa Rica is a beautiful country with so many sights and sounds to be discovered. The country offers a variety of demographics, geography, and culture that are just waiting to be explored by you. Thankfully, the bus system and cheap taxis make traveling very easy and affordable. Going abroad may be a once in a lifetime chance, so I always recommend getting out and doing as much as you can for the small amount of time that you are there.”

-Sean Cassidy, Ohio University, Semester in Costa Rica: Spring 2016

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