Communication in Ireland

While you are abroad it is important to find ways to stay in touch with family and friends. They will all be anxious to hear about your experiences, and you will want to know what is happening at home. A quick phone call or e-mail can make them feel much better.

It’s important to consider that being in touch as soon as you land might not be possible. So, don’t promise that you will call as soon as you land, because then when you don’t, they’ll panic. Instead, let them know you’ll get in touch with them as soon as you can after you get settled-in. Send a quick text or email when you can to ease their nerves, until you can make that call so they can hear your voice.

Some students have said that it is helpful to set up a communication plan with family and friends so everyone will know when you are available to make a call or receive a call. With time differences, inconsistent internet access, and the many excursions and activities you will be participating in, sometimes it can be difficult for you and your family to connect. Keep in mind that you are only abroad for a short time in the grand scheme of things, so you will want to make the most of it and be present for every experience that you have.

One way some students have stayed in touch and shared their experiences is by keeping a blog. This is an excellent way to keep folks at home updated, as it touches many people and can be read by friends and family at any time of day (like, when you’re fast asleep).

Communication Apps
Smart phone apps also work very well and allow students to text and call back home with ease. Whatsapp, and Facetime are recommended as the most common communication tools.

Cell Phones

Experienced travelers all agree: it is best to buy a SIM card in-country once you arrive in Ireland so that you can make local calls abroad without having to buy a new phone, or an expensive international plan from your US provider. You can use your American phone with an Irish SIM Card inside of it provided that you make sure your US phone is unlocked before you leave the United States!  You are welcome to check in with your US cell phone provider about the cost of an international plan, but this is likely to be quite expensive.

The country code for England is 353.

To call to Ireland:

First dial 011, the U.S. exit code. Next dial 353, the country code for Ireland. Next, omit the trunk code at the start of the local Irish number, which is usually a zero.  Then, dial the area code (2–5 digits). And finally the phone number (4–8 digits; area code plus phone number equals 10 digits).

Here’s an example:

To dial the US Embassy in Dublin while you are in Ireland, please dial 01 668-8777 from your local Irish phone.

To dial the US Embassy in Dublin while you are still in the United States, please dial 011 353 1 668-8777.  Notice that you leave off the “0” at the start of the local number.  If you are calling from a cell phone, you may use a plus sign at the start of the number when you dial in lieu of the country exit code.

Some of the most popular prepaid mobile companies in Ireland are Vodafone Ireland and Three. Check out their websites to see what coverage would be best for you. For more information about cell phone use overseas, see the Tripadvisor website. Your onsite staff can explain this in more detail in-country.

Australia Vodafone

Ireland- Three