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Now what? You’ve gone through all that information to help prepare you for Barcelona, and so what’s next?

KEEP EXPLORING! The more you read-up on the cities you will be visiting, the more you will get out of your time abroad! Remember to bounce back to Module 1 and Module 2  of this online pre-departure information any time.

Here are a few more helpful resources for Barcelona!

Barcelona, Spain is the capital of Catalunya, one of the autonomous regions in Spain.

Barcelona is one of the largest cities in Spain, and a mecca for tourism, business start ups, art, and culture. It’s a beautiful city situated on the Mediterranean Sea, with great access to the Pyrenees Mountains. Some of the world’s most famous artists have made their mark on Barcelona! If you don’t know Gaudí, Miró, Dalí or Picasso before studying in Barcelona, you won’t be able to forget them once you’ve arrived!

Spain Excursions Figueres Dali Museum

picasso spain



sagrada familia spain










Barcelona has two official languages: Catalán and Castilian Spanish. Contrary to most beliefs, the majority of the population is bilingual, making Barcelona a great place for students to learn Spanish. You’ll understand when you get to Barcelona, but Catalán culture is very unique and completely distinct from typical Spanish culture.

The vast majority of Catalunya’s population would like to be independent from Spain, and it’s important that you read up on this before visiting, so that you do not offend your hosts. You’ll see tons of Catalan’s flag all over Barcelona, but you won’t see many of Spain’s flag. See the difference below:

Spain Catalan Barcelona City


Catalan Flag (The Senyera)


Catalunya has it’s own traditions, food, language, and much more, and we encourage you to get to know your host culture!

Spanish Flag


#CISabroadtip: There are plenty of different neighborhoods (barrios) around Barcelona that are unique and offer different cultures and flares! Get to know your own barrio, and then have a friend show you around their barrio!

For more information about Barcelona and Catalunya, please visit Lonely Planet

Lastly, we would be remiss in our duties if we did not warn you about getting pickpocketed in Barcelona! Please be aware of your surrounding, be alert when strangers come up to talk to you, and always keep an eye, hand or leg on your belongings to ensure they don’t get snagged!