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Reutlingen, Germany

Reutlingen can trace its roots back to the 5th and 6th centuries. Nowadays it is a modern industrial centre with a strong service sector; it has more than 110,000 inhabitants and provides employment for 50,000 people, making it the biggest economic hub in the south Württemberg area. Reutlingen offers outstanding shopping facilities, a large market – held twice weekly – , a prize winning library, numerous museums and a multitude of cafes, restaurants and bistros. Service industries and trade are the city’s main hallmarks. Art, music, dance, ballet and opera can be enjoyed in  the state capital Stuttgart, around 40 km to the north, and in Reutlingen’s neighbouring city of Tübingen.

The Tübingen-Reutlingen Technology Park, known locally as the TTR, is situated on the edge of the town and serves as a link between Reutlingen and the university town of Tübingen. The TTR is an important factor in the regional economy. Interdisciplinary and applied research projects, together with the dynamic transfer of know-how and technology, all combine to make Reutlingen an important innovative workshop for the future. Close cooperation between the academic and business worlds creates an exceptionally favourable environment for young entrepreneurs.

Linguistically, Reutlingen is in the centre of the Swabian speaking area, and a number of variants of the Swabian dialect can be heard around town. Many local people speak Swabian as a matter of course,  which newcomers may find difficult to understand. International students should be prepared for an initial period of linguistic acclimatisation!

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