Bendigo, Australia City Information

Bendigo is a vibrant contemporary regional centre, boasting beautiful streets created from one of the world’s greatest gold rushes. Every day will reveal new surprises and experiences.

Bendigo enjoys a thriving economy, a diverse arts scene, fabulous restaurants and cafés, and a mild climate. What really makes Bendigo great is that you’ll enjoy urban amenities while experiencing true Aussie living. Bendigo is home to the Bendigo Art Gallery, one of the oldest and largest regional art galleries in Australia. Significant artists and artisans make the Bendigo region their home and bring with them talents and skills that foster its vibrant cultural scene.

The city also hosts a number of live music venues, a local orchestra, and rugby and Aussie-rules-football teams. The Capital – Bendigo’s Performing Arts Center – hosts more than 160 live shows including theatre, music, dance and comedy.  There’s also a hopping nightlife; nightclubs, pubs and lounges can be found in the heart of the city.



If you are looking for an authentic Aussie experience—wildlife included—then Bendigo is for you.

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