Arrival in Adelaide

You will be arriving in Adelaide for your CISabroad orientation which marks the official start of your semester abroad!

When you arrive to Australia, you first will need to clear customs and get your bags. For some of you this may be in Sydney or Melbourne. You will need to clear customs at the first point of entry into Australia. It is a good idea to become familiar with the customs and quarantine laws of Australia prior to packing by heading the website and searching Customs and Quarantine.

Airport pickup is included in the CISabroad program fee, but we cannot guarantee airport pickup for anyone that arrives outside of the designated arrival times. To help us make sure we meet you at the airport, please fill out the Travel Information form in your portal if you have not done so already.

If you are lost or worried please call Jasmina Cubelic at +0422 280 702
CISabroad Emergency Line Number: +1 413 210 7091

Missed/Cancelled/Delayed Flight:
If you have missed your flight or a connection, do not panic. First go to the ticket counter for the airline that issued your ticket to make next available flight arrangements; then call CISabroad’s 24/7 emergency phone to arrange for your change in travel.

Lost Luggage:
If the airline has misplaced your luggage you must first file a lost baggage report with the airline before exiting customs. Be sure to get the contact number and web address for monitoring your bag’s progress. Once you have done this inform your site director.

Tips for dealing with lost luggage:
 The person behind the baggage service desk is your friend.
o You’ll have to give identifying inform about yourself, luggage (color size, make), as well as your
contact information so that they can deliver your luggage to you.
o Be kind, the agent knows you want your bag and is doing their best to help you.
 Ask if there are any reimbursement rights.
 Be patient
o Take a deep breath

If you cannot find your driver for your airport pick up:
First call University of Adelaide Village Accommodation Service ++61 8 8463 2000 – they are the ones that arrange your airport pick up and have direct access to the driver.

If no one picks up please call Jasmina, your Site Director
 +61 0422 280 702

If Jasmina does not pick up please call CISabroad Emergency 24/7 Phone
 +1 413 210 7091

A Pre-Arrival sheet will be e-mailed to you, 1-2 weeks before you arrive onsite. This will contain more detailed information on your arrival as well as specific phone numbers and contact information if there are any issues with your flight or airport pickup.

For extra information on airports around the world, including maps and estimated arrival times, check out the website,