Arrival and Departure Information in Costa Rica

Arrival information

One group transfer from the San Jose International Airport to Central Cartago will be arranged for the morning of Monday, May 18.

Arrival flight information:

May 18: 6:00 AM – Depart Knoxville on United Airways Flight 4123 arriving to Houston at 7:22 AM
8:56 am – Depart Houston on United Airways Flight 1096 arriving to San Jose at 11:41am

Since the group is traveling together on the same flight, we don’t anticipate any difficulties with the group transfer from the airport in San Jose to your accommodations in Cartago but if for some reason you miss the flight/transfer, please let your onsite staff know as soon as you can.

If you need to get to central Cartago independently…

A taxi from the San Jose  airport to Central Cartago will cost about $50-60 one-way and there will be plenty available outside of the terminal after you have collected your belongings. Without traffic the journey takes about 45 minutes. In traffic the trip can take up to an hour. Public transit is circuitous and inconvenient- taxi is the best way to go if you find yourself having to navigate from door-to-door independent of the group.

Departure Information

There will be one group airport transfer arranged on Sunday, May 31, to the San Jose Airport.

Departure Flight information:

May 31: 12:36 PM – Depart San Jose on United Airways Flight 1490 arriving to Houston at 5:26 PM
7:19 PM – Depart Houston on United Airways Flight 4554 arriving to Knoxville at 10:24 PM