Arrival and Departure Information

Arrival information

One group transfer from the London Heathrow airport to the Elmwood Hotel in London centre will be arranged for the morning of Saturday, February 28!

Navigating between London and Edinburgh’s airports and city centres is nothing to be intimidated by! If for any reason you miss the group transfer, please let your onsite staff know you will be making your way to the hotel independently, and by which route you intend to travel, so we can estimate your time of arrival.

If this is the case, you can email Emily Krueger at

Getting to the Elmwood Hotel in London independently:

Heathrow is well connected to the city centre. The most affordable way to get to the hotel is by using “the tube”, or the London underground. Upon arrival, find the London underground located just below the arrivals gate! You can take the Piccadilly line directly to King’s Cross St. Pancras underground station, which is less than 5 minutes walking from the hotel. The tube will take approximately an hour and will cost £5.50. You will need to purchase a ticket or Oystercard from a machine or clerk using debit, credit or cash.

Departure Information

For your return, one group transfer from the Edinburgh Airport will be arranged for the morning of Saturday, March 8.

Instructions on how to get to the Edinburgh Airport independently will be given on-site.