Arrival and Departure Information

We have arranged for a private group transfer from the Lima airport to your accommodations when you arrive on-site on Thursday, June 9.

Your On-Site Program Coordinator, Adriana, will be waiting for you at the airport after you collect your baggage and exit customs to guide you to your transfer. Keep an eye out for a CISabroad/Towson University sign!

If for any reason you miss the group transfer, please let your onsite staff know you will be making your way to your accommodations independently.

Getting from the Lima Airport to Casa Wayra Hotel in Miraflores (Lima) by Taxi. 

Taxi As you come out of customs, inside the airport to the right is the official taxi service: Taxi Green. Outside the airport perimeter itself, you will find ‘local’ taxis. Taking these does not always save you money, and safety is an issue – local hustlers use this as an opportunity to pick up foreign travelers and rob them. It is best to use the official airport taxis, or arrange pickup with your hotel.


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Departure Information

We have also arranged a group transfer from your accommodations to the airport in Cusco at the end of your program, on the morning of Monday, June 20.

The exact time of the airport transfer will be confirmed by your On-Site Program Coordinator the evening before you depart.