Arrival and Departure Information

We have arranged a group flight for your program. The flight information is as follows:

Sunday – May 15, 2016
7:33 PM: Depart Minneapolis, MN for Amsterdam on Delta DL0162

Monday – May 16, 2016
10:50 AM: Arrive in Amsterdam, then transfer to your accommodations

We have also arranged for a group transfer from the airport to your accommodations by private coach once you arrive in Amsterdam.

Your Onsite Program Coordinator will be waiting for you at the arrival gate to pick you up! They will have a sign for CISabroad and St. Cloud State University.

If for any reason you miss the group transfer, please let your onsite staff and professors know that you will be making your way to your accommodations independently, and by which route you intend to travel, so we can estimate your time of arrival.

Departure Information

We have arranged a group transfer to from your accommodations in London to the airport by private coach when your program ends on Monday, May 30.

The exact time of departure will be confirmed by your Onsite Program Coordinator once you are in Europe.

We have also arranged a group flight for the end of your program. Unless you booked independent travel home or to another destination, your flight itinerary is as follows:

Monday – May 30, 2016
12:45 PM: Depart London, England for Minneapolis, MN on Delta DL 011
3:44 PM: Arrive in Minneapolis