Arrival and Departure Information

We have arranged one group transfer from Rome Fiumicino Airport to your accommodations at noon on May 10.

Your Onsite Program Coordinator will be waiting for you at the arrivals gate to pick you up. They will have a sign reading “CISabroad: UConn” – look for them after you clear customs and exit into the main arrivals lobby.

NOTE: if you are arriving earlier in the morning, you may wait at the airport and join the group for the noon transfer (meeting at the arrivals gate by 11:45am at the latest). If you would prefer to make your way to downtown earlier, please be sure to meet the group in Trastevere at Terre D’Aqcua Restaurant in Piazza San Cosimato (42A) at 1pm for apartment check-in and orientation! If you are not at the arrivals gate by noon, the bus will leave without you and you will need to take a cab to Piazza San Cosimato (45 euro flat rate) to meet the group.

If for any reason you miss the group transfer (arrive after noon), please let your onsite staff know you will be making your way to your accommodations independently, and by which route you intend to travel, so we can estimate your time of arrival.

Departure Information

Your Onsite Program Coordinator will arrange a group departure for the morning of May 25.

The exact time of departure will be confirmed by your Onsite Program Coordinator the night before departure.