Flight Arrival and Departure Information

Flight information

Please print a copy of this document to carry with you. Click here to link to the pdf summary of your flight information for your group.
IMPORTANT: Please ensure that your first and last names appear exactly as they do on your passport. You should reconfirm your flight with Delta directly at least 72 hours prior to departure at 1-800-221-1212. Your group has been assigned a group block of seats. All additional special seat requests can only be done with the airline directly. Group tickets are not eligible for online check in. Please make sure you arrive at the airport early and check in with Delta at least 2-3 hours prior to departure. All you will need to check-in for your flight is your passport.

Below is a summary of your flight information for travel to Amsterdam:

TAMU arrival flight info for Module 3

Arrival information

When you land in Amsterdam you will pass through “Control”, also known as Immigration. For more information about Control at Amsterdam Schipol airport click here.

Once you collect your luggage (but hopefully everyone is carrying-on for such a short time abroad, right?) you will pass through Customs and look for your Onsite Program Coordinator, Adam, who will be holding a sign with “CISabroad” and “TAMUCT” on it. Adam will guide you to the bus that will take you into the city, to your accommodations.

Should you get separated from the group, or need to reach Adam at any time on arrival day (or during the program) please contact Adam. You will be provided with Adam’s mobile number prior to departure. 

Departure Information

You will depart from your accommodations for the airport at 9:30AM on departure day (August 17). Please be sure to have your luggage downstairs, have finished breakfast and be ready to board the bus by 9:15AM to ensure an on-time departure.

Your departure flight information is below. Again you will only need your passport to check-in for your flight.

TAMU departure flight info for Module 3