Alumni Voices

We hope you’re getting excited about your upcoming study abroad experience! Are you curious about what it will be like to study abroad at University of Cape Coast? Listen to CISabroad alumna Sarah as she talks about her experience on the program!


We asked another Semester in Ghana alumna, “How did this CISabroad program change your life?” Here’s what she said:

“Ghana really changed my life. Ghanaians says a person doesn’t choose Ghana, Ghana chooses them. I believe that to be true. I wholeheartedly believe I was destined to go to Ghana when I did, accompanied by all the other foreign students who were with me, and met every Ghanaian I needed to met. No single event in my life has ever grown me more than Ghana or left me with such a hole in my identity. How can a place add to me and strip me simultaneously? There’s no day, maybe even no 8 hour period that I don’t think of Ghana. I feel like this is the worst break up my life. I’m reminded of Ghana everywhere, with everything I do and constantly missing it. I miss the country so much that I sometimes regret going altogether. It’s not a trip I can recommend because Ghana has to choose you; and if it’s choosing you, you already know within your soul.”

-Tia Dunlap, Semester in Ghana: Fall 2016