Airport Pick Up-Macquarie University


Your airport pick-up has been organized for you if you have submitted your flight information on time and you arrive within your allotted time frame. You will be picked up by Macquarie University’s Airport Pickup Service. This service operates through  the company ‘2Airport’

Please read through carefully:

After landing and finding your luggage please proceed to Baggage Carousel Number 5 to meet a driver for this service. Please remain in the domestic terminal you have arrived in.

If you cannot find the driver after waiting for 30 minutes at baggage carousel number 5, please call +61 455 800 800 from a pay phone in the arrivals hall. A staff member from the transfer company ‘2Airport’ will be able to advise you on where the driver is. There is a pay phone in the arrivals hall.

For all other enquiries, or if the above number is not working, please contact Macquarie University Accommodation Office on or the free number 1800 610 577 (This number only works from Australian numbers, If you are calling from an international number you will need to call +61 2 9850 7965).

Macquarie University staff will then advise you what to do next; You may need to wait a little longer, or you may be advised to take a taxi to your destination*.

*In the situation where you may need to take a taxi to your destination: A taxi fare will only be reimbursed by the University if you have been advised by the Accommodation staff to take a taxi. You will need to first contact the office on +61 2 9850 7965, if you cannot find the driver. Please have at least AUD$100 with you for a taxi. You can exchange currency at Travelex near Exit A and credit cards are also accepted.