A Taste of Italy: Suggested Packing List

Now on to the age-old question: “But what do I pack?!”

During the course, you will be traveling by coach and by train, changing hotels in different cities and locations a number of times. For this, we highly recommend packing light. You should be able to handle your own luggage.

Summers in Italy are generally hot – especially in Central Italy, which can also be very humid (afternoon thunderstorms are not uncommon). Temperatures can rise up to 100 degrees during the day.

That said, the following list is a good place to start:

  • Comfortable walking shoes! You will be walking everywhere in Italy, and should leave
    heels, etc. at home. Hiking shoes (or shoes in which you can comfortably hike) are also a good idea for your field excursions.
  • Layers are great for long days when the weather can change drastically from morning to
    afternoon. You’ll also want these to cover up when visiting religious sites. Think lightweight shirts, a light jacket/sweater, 1-2 pairs of pants, shorts, active clothing, etc.
  • Scarf (lightweight). To be used when visiting churches, museums, etc. where your shoulders
    must be covered.
  • You should consider packing 1-2 “dress up outfits” for special events/dinners.
  • Rain Jacket. This is less clunky than an umbrella and you can keep your hands free.
  • Sunscreen and sun hat. Sunscreen is VERY expensive in Italy, and you’ll definitely need it!
  • Bathing suit
  • BUG SPRAY. Summer can be a buggy time of the year.
  • Small bag to pack in for day trips.This may be a backpack you carry on the plane with you as your carry-on luggage.
  • Travel size toiletries. You never know where your checked bag may choose to take a side trip
    and meet you in-country later, so be sure you have some basics to get you through 1-2 days in
    case your checked luggage gets delayed.
  • Any medications you may need (prescription or otherwise). Make sure your prescription medications are in their original container, with the prescription attached, and that you carry this in your carry-on baggage.
  • Credit/debit cards. Make sure your bank is aware that you’ll be in Italy to avoid your accounts getting frozen.
  • Passport and 1-2 copies.
  • Outlet converters. You can purchase these cheaply at places like Amazon or Target.

Do NOT bring a lot of valuables/jewelry.